What Is Domain Name System And Blog Hosting

What is domain name system and blog hosting

what is domain name system and blog hosting

How much does domain cost? What is domain name system? What is the name of the domain name selection?

Domain is an English word which means state/area. The world's first domain is symbolics.com. It was registered on 15 March 1985 by the Massachusetts computer company.

As every man has a name. This name is his identity. The domain name is very similar to people's name. The difference between a domain name and a man's name is that people's names are not unique or different, that means the same name has multiple people. But the domain name is completely unique or different, that is, a domain name with a name will not match the other domain, meaning that it is unique, just like the mobile number, such as your phone number and the number is not equal to the number of the numbers. The domain is the address of a website. Which means that any user can find your website very easily.

The first thing you need to do to create a website is that of a domain. Suppose someone wants to come to your office, in order to know the office address. Similarly, this website is called the domain name. Domain name originally was written by number (170.198.168). This number is called an IP Address (Internet Protocol Address). The name (technology2050.com) is used instead of the IP address.

In the name of a domain name registration in the name of someone else, it will not be able to register domain name by this name. For example (technology2050.com), after registering the domain name (technology2050.com), no one else will be able to register a domain name. But to register for a domain name (technology2050.net), you can get it.

Domain name structure:

Domain Name must have at least 3 characters and can have up to 63 characters. Only English letters, numbers up to 0-9, and "Hyphen" can be used within Domain Name. Besides, nothing else can be used.

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Different types of domains:

What is Domain Name? How much does a domain cost? What is the name of the domain name selection?

Top Level Domain:

Eg .com.org.net .info etc. These are top-level domains or first level domains.

Country Code Top Level Domain:

First level domains get special permission to use in the local network. Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) is a country that has its own domain. Eg .com.bd (Bangladesh), .pk (Pakistan), .in (India), .uk (United Kingdom) etc.

Sub Level Domain:

A subdomain of a domain is called sub-level domain. Such as

www.prosanta.info is the main domain. And when a domain is created with any name before or after the main domain, it is called subdomain. Eg www.blog.prosanta.info. There may be multiple sub-level domains in one domain.

Free Domain hosting company:

You will not have any cost for a free domain name. These domain names are basically the same. For example- (Blogspot.com, WordPress.com, weebly.com, .tk) etc.

Domain Registrar Costs:

For top-level domains, you can spend 500 to 3000 rupees or more per year. Cost of the domain is different. Such as (.com, .net, .info, .org) etc.

Domain Name Selection:

Choose the simple, beautiful and meaningful name. So that visitors can remember domain names very easily. Fix the name of the website that is relevant to the content of the website. It is easy to remember the short or short domain name, such as Facebook.com, Apple.com, and Youtube.com. Refrain from giving the name of the established website. Such as Facebook.com, Google.com, Youtube.com, etc. Try to name between 3 letters and 11 characters.

Hopefully, you can understand the details of the domain from the above discussion. However, if there are any problems, do not forget to comment. And thanks for reading the post. If you feel better can share with friends. name selection?


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