How To Improve Alexa Ranking In India

improve alexa ranking

How To Improve Alexa Ranking Of Your Blog in India

As a conscious blogger, you will want to improve Alexa Ranking of your blog or site. Because the Google Page Rank is not updated for a long time, so we now have great importance to the Alexa Rank, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Moze Rank etc. to consider the popularity of a site or blog. You may be trying many ways to reduce the Alexa Rank of your blog, but you could not have done it correctly. Within just 3 months, one of my blogs ('s Alexa Rank) was able to get 1 million and within 30 months of just 6 months.

Anyway, I will share 10 tips with you from the real experience for reducing Alexa Rank. I hope you will benefit.

1. Verify the Alexa

The first thing to do after getting your site live is to verify in Alexa. It determines that you own this site. Verifying Verification of Alexa is a very easy task. First, go to Alexa site and register. Then please claim your site. You can upload a verification file from Alexa to your server or verify it with a verification code on the home page. Verify your site Alexa using this link.

2. Use the Alexa Toolbar

Using Alexa Tools is a very important tool for reducing Alexa Rank. If you use a browser (Mozilla or Chrome), install an Add-on of Alexa tool. With this tool, you can check Alexa Rank, Search, and so on.

3. Use Alexa Widget in your site

Alexa likes the site or blog who uses Alexa Widget at their site or blog. You can use an Alexa Widget in the sidebar or footer of your site, where your site's Alexa Rank, backlink, will display some more data.

4. Keep your blog/site always updated

Blog or site update is very important for a blog or site. If you update your blog all the time, you will easily get many VCs from the search engine, as well as help reduce the Alexa ranking of your blog.

5. Publish the unique post on the blog

Always wright a unique post (copyright free) on the blog. Never publish a copyrighted copy of the blog. This will have a bad effect on your blog's keyword ranking, as well as the Alexa Rank A will have a bad effect.

6. Try to increase visitor from search engine
Blogs SEO Do this by trying to increase the visitor to the search engine. The more visitors come from the search engine, the Alexa rank of your blog will be reduced as quickly as possible.

7. Write reviews on your blog about Alexa

Many do not care about this. This is very important for reducing the Alexa Rank, which I can say from my own disbelief. If your blog is making money, blogging or SEO Etc. If you write a review about Alexa in your site and give Alexa 2/1 backlinks, your Alexa Rank of Alexa ranking is going down very fast.

8. Use social media

Social media works very well to reduce Alexa Rank. Every post in your site will share links to various social media sites. By doing so you will get many referral visitors and your Alexa Rank of your blog will be improvised.

9. Blog commenting is very useful

Regularly comment on those blog's Alexa Rank, domain authority, page rank is very good and your blog is related to those blogs. Specifically, when you publish a new post on your blog, then comment. You will find many referral visitors and the Alexa Rank of the blog will be very good.

10. Guest Posting

If you are new to blogging then the posting will be a bit difficult for you. However, it is very useful for finding visitors from search engines, finding referral visitors, and reducing Alexa Rank.

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