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How To Improve Alexa Ranking In India

As a conscious blogger, you will want to improve Alexa Ranking of your blog or site. Because the Google Page Rank is not updated for a long time, so we now have great importance to the Alexa Rank, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Moze Rank etc. to consider the popularity of a site or blog. You may be trying many ways to reduce the Alexa Rank of your blog, but you could not have done it correctly. Within just 3 months, one of my blogs ('s Alexa Rank) was able to get 1 million and within 30 months of just 6 months.

Anyway, I will share 10 tips with you from the real experience for reducing Alexa Rank. I hope you will benefit.

1. Verify the Alexa
The first thing to do after getting your site live is to verify in Alexa. It determines that you own this site. Verifying Verification of Alexa is a very easy task. First, go to Alexa site and register. Then please claim your site. You can upload a verification file from Alexa to your server or verify it with a verification cod…

How To Increase Traffic For Blog 2019 - Top 10 Tips Step By Step

Fairly good traffic is required for all the sites and if your website is new then there is no question. Generally, the purpose of creating our site is to make AdSense or affiliate marketing. And more or less we all have the main efforts of how to increase traffic for blog And we try to rank our site in a keyword and hope to get a visitor from there. Today's tips for those who have developed their new website and are not getting the desired visitor on their blog. So let's start by saying no.
1. Content Is King 
Does not it seem familiar to you? Hmm is old but I want to remind you again. If you are an affiliate and write blogs you always have to post quality article. Your writing will be so that the Visitor can learn something new from you. And while writing articles, keep in mind the keyword density and article count of the Word Count. Suppose the subject of your writing will be "how to improve your mountain biking skills" so when you try to write on this topic, try to…

what is backlink how to create high quality backlinks

What is backlink how to create high quality backlinks  If you are familiar with backlinks then you must also be familiar with the term High-Quality Backlink. High-quality backlinks will depend on whether you are SEO How to benefit from. With high-quality backlinks, you can get your targeted keywords in good condition in search engines and you will get a good number of visitors from search engines.

We just say high-quality backlinks, but many do not know what is the high-quality backlink? What is the key quality of a backlink to understand that it is a high-quality backlink?

Let's take a look at some of the high-quality backlinks.

Backlinks must be from High PageRank website/blog
Backlinks must be from the High Domain Authority and the Pages Authority site
By no means, the payment of the bills cannot be paid
There should be backlinks from sites/blogs, which are a lot of visitors daily
Backlinks to content
Do-follow backlinks
Non-Respectual Backlinks
Let's take a look at how to c…