What Is Seo And How It Works

what is seo and how it works

What Is Seo and How It Works For Blogs

Search engine optimization is a process through which search engines (like Google and Bing) will be able to bring targeted traffic to the website or visitor. The success of a site on getting traffic from search engines depends a lot, maybe the site targeting AdSense or affiliate marketing or selling its own products or services. Most successful online websites are getting most of the traffic through SEO. The more traffic is coming out on the website, the more likely the product sales or service rates and the increase in income. The word is true, traffic = revenues!

Search engines display those websites first and follow them in different policies. In a word, the search engine optimization is the way to find a content that can be quickly found, read easily, and the scientific process to show the top of the page as a user's search.


There are opportunities to build worldwide careers in learning SEO. Such as blogging affiliate marketing or own business. Without learning search engine optimization, there will be no success in these areas. There is a lot of demand for SEO in freelancing. There are hundreds of projects related to search engine optimization in the online marketplace such as ODesk.com or Freelancer.com. If you know the work, then nobody works. There are many people working in SEO in Bangladesh, who have built a search engine optimizer as a smart career of the time. They are quite successful too. If you start working with the proper guideline, then there will be no doubt that the carrier will be smooth.

What SEO Must Learn

SEO is a number of important things that you have to learn step by step.

    # How search engines work

    #Keyword research and comparable analysis

     * Create keyword suggestions and lists

     * Keyword selection based on the purpose

     * Compiler identification

     * Competitor Analysis Technique

     * Get ready to use keywords

     * Project Slave

    # Search engine friendly website created

    * SEO Friendly Design

    * Website content plan

    * Search Engine Compatibility

    * Link to the site's structure and structure

    * Web site usability

    * Work on WordPress CMS

    # Content creation and optimization

    * Keyword VS Content Targeting

    * Content development

    * Optimize content

    * Content duplication

    * Onsite and on page optimization

    # Technical SEO

    Domain and server issue in SEO

    * Broken link and redirection

    * Other CMS related troubleshooting

    * Structure data

    #Web site Popular and authority building

    * Link Building / Earning Strategy Development

    * Incoming link

    * Social signals

    * Brand Promote

    # Web site Performance Analysis and Reporting

    * Google Web Master

    * Google Analytics

    * Rank and link monitoring

    * SEO audit

    * Spam Prevention and Remedies

    # Algorithm updates and performers

    * Know about different algorithms

    * Know Pandya, Penguin, and other updates

    * How to get rid of the web site

    * Case Study

However, I request everyone to start searching the search engine optimization Starter guide by Google, at the very beginning, to help understand the whole SEO process.

How Search Engine Works and SEO Methods

what is seo and how it works

To learn SEO, first, you need to know how the search engine works. You can search Google for these articles and read various articles as well as videos can be viewed by searching on YouTube.

See the links below for your help.






Created search engine friendly sites

According to the content development plan, your site structure should be created which should be search engine friendly. Every page has to work to ensure credentials and visibility. With keywords targeted, keywords will be optimized. The importance of signage quality in SEO is much more important now. And therefore the webpage and content quality are much more concerned with the optimizer. If the webpage and its content are considered, then the SEO Gurus will offer various suggestions on how to be called quality content or webpage. But how does Google search engine giant actually determine the quality of a webpage? A Google official leaked a guideline last year! There is a lot of response in the web world. But after several leaks, Google itself publishes this document. This Google Search Quality Rating Guideline can be downloaded from here. The document discusses the details of the webpage's open quality signals. As you want to work with SEO, please read this document. You can also follow this site http://www.feedthebot.com/

Keyword Research and Compatibility Analysis

what is seo and how it works

Keyword Research is an important issue to sell your affiliate products indirectly, to bring visitors to your published content about products or services promoted or affiliated through search engines.

Keyword research steps will be such

    Keyword suggestions


    Keyword filtering

    Keyword grouping

    Competitive Site Analysis

    Keyword Finals

You can get detailed information about the future prospects of the preferred product through the Keyword Research Tool. There are some free tools for keyword research. Its main task is to find a beneficial keyword.

keyword research

Good keyword features

    Products or services will be related keywords

    It is also important to see how Phonicological Search is

    The keywords should have many needs, especially action keywords

    The less likely the search results will be as well as the results

    The keyword has a low level of competition

    Competition in the search engines must win easily.

Keyword Research Tools









    http: //Spy.fu

Hopefully, it will be useful to everyone, if you are sharing a book with you to learn keyword rewards in detail, click here to download it. Besides, here I have shared a compatibility site analysis process, click here to download it.

 More resources

    Keyword Research Guide


    How Google Planner Works




Google Webmaster Tools and Analysis

Web sites suggest using Google Webmaster Tools to work better in search engines. And to use Google Analytics to monitor the performance of the Web site. Want to know how to learn? See the two videos below



Link Building Stage and Link Building Method

There is no alternative to link building to increase the site's importance and acceptance. One backlink will increase your popularity as a vote for you. For this search engine always seeks to backlink any site. See this presentation to know more about link building.

Also read Paddy Mogan's book to learn different link building methods, click here to download.

More resources






Search Engine Ranking Factor

Every search engine gives its website the first page to adhere to their own rules, and these rules are generally called the Search Engine Ranking Factors.

Ranking factor

The popular search engine Google has more than 200 search engine factors. Every SEO Optimizer will have to rank the site according to these factors.

Site SEO audit report

Before starting the work of SEO of any one site, it is necessary to analyze all the issues thoroughly. What is the purpose of the site? Are the use of keyword and targeted content okay? Also to check whether the entire site and various pages are optimized. It is also necessary to know whether link building is done and therefore SEO Audit Report of the site is to be created. Here's a template for how to audit site SEO.

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what is seo and how it works

At present, to bring a site to a better position in SEO, there must be the importance of social media such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

social signal

Last year Google made clear the role of the social signal in terms of site ranking in Google search engine search. So follow the social signal. Check out this link to know about the social signal.

Google algorithm update details

Every year, Google updates bigger than 500, which is known as Google's Algorithm Update. By updating the algorithm, Google wants to make the search results more relevant to users with 100% priority. About 38% change in search results by Google Panda update in 2011. Google also updated Penguin in 2012 to cover spammers. Follow this link to know more about the Google algorithm update.

Have to stay up to date in the SEO field, visit regularly to know the updates These sites:






Trying to teach SEO, to share the A to Z, see the resources that are given to you. These are very important for a search engine optimizer. If you have any questions, please comment.

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