How to Manage Basic Settings in Blogger.

Now that you have learned how to create post and publish. Let us move to another aspect, that of settings for your Blog. The  settings are important because that is the way you are informing the Blogger how to display your Blog to visitors. When you click on Settings tab, you get the screen as seen image no.1

Image No.1

There are various option available like Basic, Publishing, Formatting etc, as seen in the figure above. The Basic settings page is open by default and other pages are loaded when you click on the respective tabs. Let us see how to negotiate these pages.


Import/Export: If you have been Blogging earlier, you can import all your post including comments to your new Blog by using this function. First you have to log in to your old Blog and go to Settings-Basic and click on Export Blog. On the next page, when you click on "Download Blog" another window opens asking you to open or save the file. Select "Save file" and the xml file will be downloaded to…

How to Create and Publish Blog Post on Blogger.

In the earlier post, you learned how to create a blog of your own using the Blogger. Once you have finished the process of creating the Blog, you are free to start blogging, when you click the "Start Blogging" button on the screen, a new page opens which look likes the image No.1. However, if you are returning to your Blog at a later time to post content, then all you need to do is " Sign in" to your Blog and click on the "New Post" link that figures next to your profile on the Dashboard.

                                            (Image No.1)
This is the place where you can unleash all of your creative juices or give vent to your soul by pouring out all that you ever dreamt of writing. Here is the chance that you have been eagerlyn waiting for, to see your first written words being "published" There are three distinct empty boxes you can see on the screen. The top most being the Title Box, below that is a bigger box, which is also called the T…

How To Create A Blog

Blogger (was earlier known as Blogspot) is owned by Google and can be found at the address you can also use the google search engine or,for that matter, any search engine to go to the address just type in "Blogger" in search bar and you should see the link to the above site.Click on the link as show in the image No.1

(Image No.1)
If you already have a gmail account,then you can directly " sign in" to the blogger with the same username and password.A registration form for blogger, so all your details for registration are available and process need not be repeated .The form that opens when you click the "sign in" button looks like the image No.2
(Image No.2)
The Email address and your name will be already displayed in the form.The display name is the identifier or your name, as you would want it to appear on your Blog.It is recommended that you use something that you are going to stick to.Since you will be on Blogger for a long time to …